GI4 WARP 600

Hybrid vehicle for all purposes with extreme passability in terrain, with gross vehicle weight (GVW) 6,000 kg

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Introduction of the vehicle - WARP 600

When designing the vehicle, we focused on robustness of the whole structure and extreme passability in terrain. Gross vehicle weight of 6,000 kg allows the installation of many extensions including armour plating (the vehicle weight is approx 2,300 kg, depending on the configuration) on the chassis. The chassis is equipped with electric traction motors and combustion aggregate fulfilling the function of a generator. The vehicle is designed so that, up to a distance, it can be propelled only by the battery energy. The designed concept solves the requirements for extremely resistant, reliable and universal vehicle with extreme passability in the terrain, while reducing the energy requirements of its operation providing longer driving range compared to conventional solutions.

Extreme reliability.

The chassis is equipped with two (or more) mechanically connected traction motors, two sets of batteries and two controllers, achieving 100% redundancy of electric traction part of the vehicle.

Extreme resistance.

Chassis platform of “TATRA concept” with half swing axles provides 100% cover of all vehicle components from all impurities, liquids and mechanical damage to the traction parts. This concept is completely unique, and world-wide, there is no alternative to it.

Extreme stiffness.

The chassis platform does not allow movements of extensions in relation to the cabin in all driving regimes, which is completely impossible in conventional solution with ladder-type frame. Thanks to that, a number of extensions can be used without construction complications.

Top handling in the terrain.

The vehicle has independently suspended wheels, pneumatic suspension, reductions in wheels and possibility to transfer 100% torque on a single wheel. This solution ensures:

  • Full control over the gravity centre of the vehicle in extreme situations.
  • Maximum contact of wheels with the surface, when maximum possible crossing of axles is achieved.
  • Extreme clearance height (default is 420mm, can be changed - from 250 to 550mm) of the vehicle.
  • Possibility to transfer 100% of torque to a single wheel.

And much more

Amphibious version option.
The chassis platform has been designed as fully waterproof.

Extremely long service intervals
compared to conventional vehicles.

Multiple-axles variants option
for versions 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10. The chassis platform is modular and allows the installation of multiple axles, depending on the purpose of the vehicle. All axles are equipped with differential lock.

Low gravity centre and arbitrary distribution of weight.
Thanks to the selected concept, traction engines are fully integrated in the chassis platform of the vehicle which is not possible in the conventional solution. Therefore, gravity centre is lowered and the weight can be freely distributed to the front/back part of the vehicle.

Great driving range.
The vehicle is able to go as far as 200 km on batteries only (the driving range can be increased if needed). In hybrid regime, the vehicle can go to as much as double the distance the conventional vehicles of same weight category can go on the same fuel tank capacity.

Very quick replacement of batteries.
If needed, batteries can be replaced within minutes, which is very convenient both for military purposes and communal services.

Unmanned operation.
The whole concept of the vehicle is ready for the unmanned operation option, which is convenient in particular in an environment posing too high a risk for the crew.

Locally nonexistent emissions and minimum noise.
If operated on batteries.

Ability to move under water.
The vehicle does not need air for its movement (in the drive regime with combustion aggregate switched off). Thanks to that, it can be operated in an environment where conventional vehicles cannot move.

Armoured version option.
High load capacity of the chassis allows problem-free armouring of the vehicle without adjustments to the chassis part.